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Learning to Ride - Taunton School of Motorcycling


In this and following pages we'll talk about the different types of bike, what age you have to be to ride them & the different routes available to gaining your full licence. But first:


Compulsory Basic Training was introduced in December 1990. Its purpose is to give those new to the road the tools to keep themselves safe!

It is a series of elements, designed & monitored by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, each of which must be completed, in order, before a C.B.T. certificate will be issued. The full CBT Syllabus can be found here!

C.B.T. is not just for those youngsters wanting to ride ‘peds! It is also a pre-requisite for those seeking their full bike licence; if you don’t already hold a current C.B.T. certificate then day 1 of your course will be just that! But, if you’re 17 or older & your needs are purely a 125 cc bike, then C.B.T. is all you need to do.

A C.B.T. certificate is valid for 2 years. If you want to continue riding & don’t pass a D.V.S.A. test within that 2 years then you must re-take C.B.T. However, if you pass your full car test before your certificate expires, the moped entitlement of that C.B.T. lasts as long as your car licence does.

Example: on your 16th birthday you pass C.B.T. This allows you to ride a moped, until you’re 17, when you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc. On your 17th birthday you pass your car test. Until your 70th birthday (when your car licence expires) you can ride a moped (not motorcycle!) without taking further C.B.T.

Confused? Contact us & we will explain more!

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