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Having experienced taster days at other motorcycling schools, I arrived at TSM expecting a similar sort of teaching; too much encouragement, not enough reality. I quickly learnt that Tracey has a very different style. Yes, of course the encouragement was there but it was always swiftly followed with honesty and realism; if there was something I was struggling with, it was openly pointed out and discussed so that I knew precisely where I had to improve.

During my CBT and DAS, instruction was shared between Derek & Tracey. Both of them helped to build my confidence, achieve realistic goals and most importantly enjoy myself. The daily focus was not so much on riding to test standard (as they knew this would inevitably come in time!) but instead on taking control of road situations and honing skills on the bike. I was oblivious to it at the time but all the skills I’d learnt on the road would lead me to ace my module one, the one thing that I was most concerned about! As for module two, Tracey and Jerry had instructed me so well I actually enjoyed it. I loved being out on the road and after all, isn’t that the whole point?!

To Tracey, Jerry and Derek – I actually managed it! I cannot thank you enough!

Emma McEachan