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I can only think of one word to sum up my experience with TSM – Faultless. Not a word I'd use to describe my riding before Tracey got hold of me. The relaxed, calm, and welcoming atmosphere they work so hard to provide cut straight through the day-one nerves and before I knew it I was out and riding better than I'd ever managed before. The skills they taught me, built up through miles of on-road practice, enabled me to easily achieve the standard needed to pass both parts of the test. My fear of the 'dreaded' swerve manoeuvre was laid to rest on my very first ride when Tracey pointed out I'd been happily avoiding drain covers and Taunton's assorted potholes all day using that very technique. This kind of positive feedback and constructive critique of my riding enabled me to concentrate on specific weaknesses and hone strengths I didn't even realise I had. To say they've made me into a better, safer, more confident rider doesn't come close to the praise Tracey and Jerry deserve.

Thank you both for providing me such a high standard of training from which I can enjoy my new-found biking freedom.

Lee Parsons, Senior Designer, Books Division, Haynes Publishing.