Starting to ride

Unfortunately all-too frequently, we hear from customers that other training establishments have tried to force them into taking a particular type of course.

Types of Motorbike
When you first make contact with Taunton School of Motorcycling, we will discuss with you what you want to achieve, including what type of bike you’re looking to ride.
Acheive your Goals
We will, most importantly, listen & then offer our advice, based on our years of experience. All we ask in return is that you’re honest regarding your experience & realistic when deciding how long to give yourself to achieve your goal.
Types of Licence
We will discuss with you if you have any issues regarding clothing & equipment. Feel free to seek out this information before you part with large amounts of hard-earned cash! Under no circumstances will we pressurise you, dictate to you or dissuade you from what it is that you want to do!