CBT Elements

CBT Elements:

During which you learn what C.B.T. includes & why, undergo a basic eyesight check & discuss clothing, helmets etc.
Practical on-site training
Where you learn about the bikes controls, basic maintenance & how to stop / start it.
Practical on-site riding
Every aspect of moving the bike!
Practical on-road training
All the things you need to know about being a motorcycling road user.
Practical on-road riding
Linked to your instructor by radio, you receive direct instruction on what you should be doing & then get the chance to prove you can do it for yourself! After all, when you ride away at the end of the day, you won’t have the instructor looking out for you!

The full CBT syllabus can be found here

C.B.T. with T.S.M. is not a ‘gimme’; in other words, it isn’t just a case of turn up, pay your pennies, ride around for a bit & go home with a certificate! We pride ourselves on knowing that those who complete our C.B.T’s have proven that they have the knowledge & skill to be safe. (However, we also understand the concept: “We give you the tools, what you choose do with them…….!”)
For example, we don’t expect you to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Highway Code before you attend, but if you’ve never even seen a copy, you will find C.B.T. difficult.
The C.B.T. day at T.S.M. begins at 08:00. It finishes when it finishes! The training, with due regard to all the students attending, is structured to cater for all needs.
If you attend another school, complete C.B.T & are at home in time for dinner then, apart from the probable D.V.S.A. contraventions, you should be considering what value you have gained for your pennies. Or, more importantly, have you been given the tools to deal effectively with being a novice road user? Probably not!