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What is CBT?

In this and following pages we'll talk about the different types of bike, what age you have to be to ride them & the different routes available to gaining your full licence.

Compulsory Basic Training was introduced in December 1990. Its purpose is to give those new to the road the tools to keep themselves safe! It is a series of elements, designed & monitored by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, each of which must be completed, in order, before a C.B.T. certificate will be issued.

C.B.T. is not just for those youngsters wanting to ride ‘peds! It is also a pre-requisite for those seeking their full bike licence; if you don’t already hold a current C.B.T. certificate then day 1 of your course will be just that! But, if you’re 17 or older & your needs are purely a 125 cc bike, then C.B.T. is all you need to do.

A C.B.T. certificate is valid for 2 years. If you want to continue riding & don’t pass a D.V.S.A. test within that 2 years then you must re-take your C.B.T. However, if you pass your full car test before your certificate expires, the moped entitlement of that C.B.T. lasts as long as your car licence does, it's as simple as that.

Types of Motorbike

Example: on your 16th birthday you pass C.B.T. This allows you to ride a moped, until you’re 17, when you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc. On your 17th birthday you pass your car test. Until your 70th birthday (when your car licence expires) you can ride a moped (not motorcycle!) without taking further C.B.T.

Types of Motorbike


And we will explain more!

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Taunton School of Motorcycling commenced training in 1996 and thanks to its reputation has continued to thrive in its core business: quality training in riding a motorcycle.

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