I can only think of one word to sum up my experience with TSM – Faultless. Not a word I'd use to describe my riding before Tracey got hold of me. The relaxed, calm, and welcoming atmosphere she works so hard to provide cut straight through the day-one nerves and before I knew it I was out and riding better than I'd ever managed before. The skills she taught me, built up through miles of on-road practice, enabled me to easily achieve the standard needed to pass both parts of the test. My fear of the 'dreaded' swerve manoeuvre was laid to rest on my very first ride when Tracey pointed out I'd been happily avoiding drain covers and Taunton's assorted potholes all day using that very technique. This kind of positive feedback and constructive critique of my riding enabled me to concentrate on specific weaknesses and hone strengths I didn't even realise I had. To say she's made me into a better, safer, more confident rider doesn't come close to the praise Tracey deserves. Thank you tracey for providing me such a high standard of training from which I can enjoy my new-found biking freedom.

Lee Parsons

Having experienced taster days at other motorcycling schools, I arrived at TSM expecting a similar sort of teaching; too much encouragement, not enough reality. I quickly learnt that Tracey has a very different style. Yes, of course the encouragement was there but it was always swiftly followed with honesty and realism; if there was something I was struggling with, it was openly pointed out and discussed so that I knew precisely where I had to improve. During my CBT and DAS, instruction was shared between Derek & Tracey. Both of them helped to build my confidence, achieve realistic goals and most importantly enjoy myself. The daily focus was not so much on riding to test standard (as they knew this would inevitably come in time!) but instead on taking control of road situations and honing skills on the bike. I was oblivious to it at the time but all the skills I’d learnt on the road would lead me to ace my module one, the one thing that I was most concerned about! As for module two, Tracey had instructed me so well I actually enjoyed it. I loved being out on the road and after all, isn’t that the whole point?! To Tracey and Derek – I actually managed it! I cannot thank you enough!

Emma McEachan

I had started learning at TSM and have finished with my full motorcycle licence from the same school. What can I say about this amazing school? Learning a new skill at my age was never going to be straight forward, and having watched many younger riders sail through their courses with little effort I soon came to see first hand actually how good the school was. For my own part, I needed more effort to push me through and thanks to the skill, patience and flexibility of the school my result was assured. What Tracey provides is a completely relaxed learning environment that could take a 42 year old man from CBT level to full direct access license with relative ease. As I work a difficult shift pattern, my availability was always potentially problematic but Tracey managed to create a course that not only was built around my working life but also catered for my rate of development. In summary, if I was to pass on a message to any prospective motorcyclist it would be simply this: If you are looking for training that will not only meet, but by far exceed the requirements of the motorcycle test then look no further than TSM.

Martin Ronan

Having never ridden at all before I was a little nervous when starting my Direct Access course. However, not only did Derek and Tracey put me at ease but the style of their training forced me to become ever more vigilant and self-aware. I can definitely say the training was a lot of fun and I have been recommending T.S.M. ever since.

Geoff Hammond
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While undertaking my 6 day direct access with T.S.M. I felt I received an excellent standard of training enabling me to pass my test comfortably in the end. I had some previous motorcycle experience but T.S.M. took my skills to a much higher level and with the advice I received I only hope that my skills will continue to improve. Personally I feel that T.S.M. don't just teach how to ride a motorcycle but how to ride one skillfully and most importantly safely.

Kieren Murphy